Best Shaving Creams For Sensitive Skin Womens


Women’s bodies are generally more intricate and complex compared to those of men. Considering these intricacies, women need to be more careful when choosing their skincare products which include the shaving creams. Women with sensitive skin are prone to razor burns, redness, itchiness and other forms of irritations. Such individuals should opt for an all-natural shaving product formulated with soothing ingredients that will calm the effects of irritation.

Best Shaving Creams For Sensitive Skin Womens

Here we review the top three best shaving creams for sensitive skin womens that are specially designed to minimize nicks and burns to give you an unforgettable shaving experience. Read through and choose a shaving cream/gel that best suits your unique needs.

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Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS

Coochy is a trusted brand when it comes to intimate shave creams. It has proved its loyalty to its consumers by producing world-class shaving creams for over 30 years. Coochy plus is its latest invention that promises to give unmatched shaving experience. This top-quality product is specially designed for women’s most private and intimate area.

Additionally, the intimate shaving cream features moisturizing ingredients which include, jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera extract, shea butter and Maca Root. These are natural products that are rich in vitamins, have anti-inflammatory properties and work as excellent antiseptics to prevent acne break out.

Coochy Plus is clinically tested and is safe for all skin types. It forms an invisible barrier on your skin, allowing you to experience a closer safe shave. It reduces the occurrence of familiar aftershave irritations such as itchiness, razor burn, razor bumps, over-drying, among others.


  • An all-natural formula made from five remarkable ingredients that are beneficial to the skin
  • Reduces irritations and allergic reactions after the shave
  • It is gentle on the most private and intimate parts of a woman’s body
  • It safe to be used on other body parts
  • Balances your skin’s PH
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol and glycerin


  • Has a strong scent which can be a turn off to most users
  • Its waterier than other formulations
  • Quite pricy

Cremo French Lavender Moisturizing Shave Cream

Sale Off $3.01 Cremo French Lavender Moisturizing Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Shaving Cream For Women, Fights Nicks, Cuts and Razor Burn, 6 Fluid Ounces, 2-Pack

Many women who experience nicks, cuts and irritation after shaving their intimate areas blame the razor for these discomforts. The truth is that these distressing experiences are caused by the foaming agents present in most shaving creams. Fortunately, Cremo French lavender moisturizing shave cream has stepped out to save the day. It fights nicks and razor burns while giving you a comfortable close shave experience.

This superior shaving formula features unique smooth molecules that allow the razor to glide smoothly over your skin for a clean, hassle-free shave. It is packed with natural and nourishing ingredients such as aloe, papaya and calendula extracts, lemon extract as well as macadamia seed oil. The all-natural formulation is suitable for women with sensitive skin.


  • It is specially formulated to fight nicks and razor burns
  • It is a natural moisturizer and features several natural moisturizing agents such as aloe, papaya extract among others
  • Has a pleasant fragrance that lingers for long
  • Calms irritated skin and therefore suitable for sensitive skin
  • Has antiseptic properties to protect the skin from infections


  • A user lamented of purchasing a slimy gel that was difficult to work with

Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel for Women

Skintimate shaving gel for women has been designed to provide a perfectly close shave for a comfortable, intimate shaving experience. It features both natural and synthetic ingredients which have been carefully selected to offer maximum safety for the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

Some of the artificial ingredients are palmitic acid, titanium dioxide, Isopentane, Sorbital, among others. The natural components in this formula fruit oils, vegetable oils, and sunflower seed oil. All these elements work to provide a calming sensation to irritated acne-prone skin.

Also, this magnificent shaving cream softens the hair in the pubic region, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over it. It hydrates dry skin, and therefore you will not need to use a moisturizing lotion after the shave. It eliminates nicks and razor burns while its enthralling fragrance will keep you fresh all day long.


  • Offers a matchless close shave for women who like shaving often
  • Hydrates and softens dry and rough skin
  • Has a fresh fragrance
  • Allows the razor to glide smoothly without irritating the skin


  • Gets used up really fast
  • A user complained of receiving a dented product


Women with sensitive skin may find it difficult identifying a perfect shaving cream that will not irritate their skin. Choosing the best shaving cream for women with sensitive skin will save you the inconveniences of developing razor burns, ingrown hair, razor bumps among other irritations. If you are looking to experience a clean bump-free shave, you may want to consider the above-reviewed products. They have been tested and proved suitable to work on sensitive skin at a budget-friendly price.

Also, be sure to replace your razor blade every so often to prevent harbouring of bacteria which could further irritate your skin.