Best Primer for Large Pores and Acne Scars


If you have large pores and acne scars, you are probably guilty of layering your foundation in the hope that it will give a smooth illusion to your skin. Well, the only thing you will achieve by wearing your foundation this way an uneven skin complexion and the possibility of a break out.

Best Primer for Large Pores and Acne Scars

Fortunately, you can use the best primer for large pores and acne scars to disguise facial imperfections without irritating the skin. Professional makeup utilizes this technique to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes for a flawless skin tone. Here we review the top three primers that will make your make up turn out beautiful and last for long. Read through and learn.

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Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Pore Reducing

This is a makeup base primer that prepares your skin for the application of makeup. Revlon photoready pore reducing primer gives you a selfie-ready look by instantly diminishing the appearance of pores to give you a flawless airbrushed look. The gentle, lightweight formula blurs the appearance of fine lines to create an ideal complexion for makeup application.

The pore reducing primer is absorbed readily into the skin to soften, smoothen and improve the texture of the skin. It also features photochromatic pigments that reflect and diffuse light reducing the appearance of facial flaws.

The product comes in a glass bottle and has a pump dispenser which is covered in a transparent cap. It has a soft and smooth texture with a creamy consistency. It has a mild fragrance that will bring a refreshing sensation to your face and neck. It is easy to use as it glides smoothly on face and neck to give a long-lasting flawless look. The primer can be used alone or with a foundation. The product features silica mattifiers which make the makeup to blend easily to your skin


  • Mattifies the skin to prepare it for makeup application
  • It is a lightweight formula making it easy to be absorbed by the skin
  • Controls the production of excessive sebum
  • Covers facial imperfections
  • Comes in a travel-friendly packaging
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • A user complained of a poor package that does not allow one to dispense all the product from the bottle
  • A user with a sensitive skin lamented of suffering breakouts after using the primer

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Primer

Sale Off $2.21 Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Primer, Blur + Redness Control, 1 Fl Oz (1 Count)

Maybelline master prime by Face studio has been designed to ready the skin for makeup application by blurring away facial flaws. It gives a flawless appearance to your skin while its lightweight characteristic allows it to deep clean the pores without clogging them.

This water-based non-oily formula can be used as a stand-alone product or can be applied before the foundation. It removes excess oils from the facial skin allowing the foundation to blend and glide smoothly on the surface. Master prime primer will refine the appearance of your face and make your makeup look to last all day long


  • Helps smooth and even out skin complexion making it easy to apply the makeup
  • Ultralight and non-oily formula
  • Designed to meet specific skin needs
  • Prolongs your wear of makeup
  • Protects against sunburns
  • It is fragrance-free


  • Has a sticky consistency
  • Caused breakouts to a user

TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer 30ml

This 2in1 formula features a pore filler and a moisturizing liquid foundation. The sebum controlling primer eliminates an oily appearance from your skin to give a smooth velvet-like complexion. It also covers large facial pores, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and corrects an uneven skin tone.

No pore blem primer preps the skin for further makeup by concealing the look of pores and also giving a fresh and smooth feel to your face and neck. It creates an invisible barrier to outside irritants, thus a perfect guard for your skin.

The complex moisture foundation, on the other hand, locks in moisture on the skin to offer deep hydration to the surface. The foundation also brightens the skin, fights wrinkles and protect the skin from the effects of the sun.

The beauty set is free from harmful parabens, mineral oils, tar-based ingredients and any animal ingredient.


  • Offers a profound moisturizing effect that lasts all day long
  • Highly recommended by top-notch makeup artists
  • Makes the makeup to be applied quickly and last for long
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for all skin types


  • The colour of the product is very light for fairer skin tones


Now you know that you do not have to wear layers of foundation or push it deep into the skin to achieve a flawless skin tone. You can improve the appearance of your make up by using the best primer for large pores and acne scars. The above-reviewed products are lightweight and so they will not sit on the surface of the skin but will penetrate deep to reduce the pores, fine lines and acne scars.

They are formulated using safe ingredients and are therefore safe for your skin. Choose a product that suits your skin and bid goodbye to uneven textured complexions.