+3 Best Body Wash For Teenage Guys: Compared & Reviewed


Contrary to what many believe teen years can be a very trying time for teenage guys just as it is for their female counterparts. Boys tend to be more active during their teen years. As a result, they end up perspiring more and exposing themselves to external impurities. In addition, it is during this time when teens go through rapid hormonal changes as they transition from boys to men. As a result, teenage guys may end up producing body odor.

Going the entire day without a shower should be a complete no-no. Many teenage boys would never admit that they often go for days without showering but behind closed doors, they brag about it. For them, it’s just a game. But for a parent, on the other hand, it should not be tolerated.

Best Body wash for teenage guys

This can be the source of untold stress, ridicule, and low self-esteem. As a teen, you need to take charge and find lasting solutions to the aforementioned body issues. But how will you do this? Where do you even start? Well, how about start with your own hygiene.

Body wash is a well-formulated liquid that helps wash off all the sweat and impurities and leave you looking and feeling fresh for hours. This regardless of how active or inactive you are during the course of the day. Want to know more about body wash? Read more to find out.

Here’s a detailed best body wash for teenage guys review

Thera tree, tea tree oil body wash with neem oil

TheraTree Tea Tree Oil Soap

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The name of this body wash right off the bat tells you that if you experience constant dry skin, then this is it for you. Use it from hair, face all the way down to your last toe. This body wash is just perfect to stem body odor, evens complexion and alleviate skin irritation owing to dirt and prolonged exposure in the sun.

If you are looking for that body wash that is lenient on your skin and yet tough on dirt, then look no further, Thera tree, tea tree oil body wash with neem oil is made to reach deep into the pores and wash out all sort of dirt and impurities. This leaves you to enjoy a fun-filled day with lingering freshness that stays for hours lasting throughout the day.

Reasons why you should use Thera tree, tea tree oil body wash with neem oil

  • It is infused with essential organic oils such as neem oil, tea tree oil, Thera tree, Oleavine, and broad spectrum essential oils. All these leave the skin completely moisturized.
  • This body wash contains mint which gives you a refreshingly cooling effect. It also helps get rid of body odor, especially from the feet and armpits.
  • Smells amazing and has the ability to even out the skin complexion
  • Soothes, dry, itchy, or inflamed skin
  • No preservatives or harmful chemicals are used in the composition of this body wash. Everything is natural and organic


  • This body wash is highly concentrated. Using too much may leave you washing off an endless amount of lather or foam off of your skin.

Dove Men + Care Body wash

Dove Men+Care Body Wash

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Made specifically for a man’s skin, this body wash does its job of hydrating and strengthening the skin exemplary well. It comes in an elegant pump bottle design. The pump helps limit wastage and keeps you from collecting more than is necessary for a full shower. In addition, the Dove Men + Care Body wash is developed using intricate micro moisture technology that is designed to activate at the lathering stage.

By far the best body wash for teenage guys. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and revitalized. It smells so good you almost never want your shower to end. It is easy to rinse off and can be safely used on the face and the rest of the body for an odorless, confident and fulfilling day.

Why you should use the Dove + Care Body wash

  • Lathers easily
  • Washes off easily
  • Has an attractive smell
  • Made using moisture technology which leaves the skin feeling fresh yet simultaneously moisturized
  • Has a pump bottle design that limits wastage


  • The pump bottle design may force one to keep on pumping until they have enough to use or apply adequately for a full shower.

Man cave cedarwood Body Wash

ManCave Natural Cedarwood Shower

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As the name suggests, this body wash contains cedarwood as a main moisturizing agent. In combination with black pepper oil, L-Arginine oil, and tea tree oil, you will never choose to use any other moisturizing body wash. It is capable of washing off all kinds of impurities from the surface of your skin while at the same time retaining the body’s own important oils.

Looking for something completely natural that reminds you of the green forests, the Man Cave Cedar wood body wash for teenage guys is sure to tickle all your senses. Certainly, the ultimate body wash for a fresh feel that doesn’t fade away for the whole day.  Note that this product does not contain sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dye or any other harmful inorganic substances that are likely to irritate your skin.

Reasons why you should use the Man Cave Cedarwood Body wash.

  • This is one of the few body wash products to be cleared both as cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Contains soothing oils such as Tea tree oil, Black pepper oil, Cedarwood and L-Arginine
  • Impeccably moisturizing and refreshing
  • Has no parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates or synthetic dye and other harmful inorganic chemicals
  • Best for use after a long day full of activity


  • This body wash comes in a significantly smaller packaging than its counterparts above. This may prompt you to suffer the inconvenience of having to buy many units sufficient for constant prolonged use.

Above are top 3 best body washes that are guaranteed to serve all your hygiene purposes. Body wash is by all means a must have product for every teenage guy who is keen about looking good and feeling good all day. Feel free to follow the aforementioned advice and recommendations if you are that guy that’s struggling to find the right body wash to match your style.

What you need to know about using the best body wash for teenage guys


It is very difficult to find hygiene products ideal for teenage guys. The market seems to cater more for kids hygiene products and adult hygiene products. But where does that leave the teenagers? It is not rare to find a teen who is using products that aren’t made for him. And for this reason here are a few things to note about the right kind of body wash to buy for you as a teenage guy.

It can be used every day without irritating the skin

If you lead an active life, it is expected that you’ll produce lots of sweat. Hence it is advisable to use body wash at least twice every day when taking a shower. If you are not so much into an active life and you are the more laid back type, then you can choose to use the body wash only once per day. There’s really no rule cast on stone as to how often one should shower in a day or in a week.

Don’t take too long in the shower

With a body wash it is not so much how many times you shower but how long you spend in the shower. Spending too much time in the shower will end up drying the skin completely. Remember that it is the duty of the body wash to thoroughly clear off sweat, excess oil and other impurities from the skin. Therefore, if one spends too long bathing in the shower, they will leave with uncomfortably tight or dry skin.

Hot or cold?

Showering using cool or warm water is better than showering using hot water. This according to a number of doctors is advisable in order to experience less irritation-prone skin. While you may want to remove dirt and sweat from your skin, you also want to make sure that you retain all the natural oils essential for healthy skin. Showering using hot water may wash off the dirt together with all the natural oils produced by your own body. This leaves your skin feeling tight and dry.

Can it be used as a shampoo?

A body wash is clearly not labeled as a shampoo. But as a teenage guy, you don’t need to buy a separate shampoo for our hair. Body washes are excellent moisturizers not only for your skin but also for our hair. In fact, most hair shampoos use similar ingredients to the ones found on body washes. 

Pat dry instead of rubbing

Teenage guys are notorious for hurriedly and vigorously rubbing water off of the skin soon after a shower. Later the skin starts showing signs of excess dryness and irritation and guess who gets blamed? The body wash! But the problem often isn’t the body wash for teenage guys but rather your drying technique. However fast you want to dress up and dash out, it is advisable that you keep from rubbing too hard and instead pat yourself dry.

Lotion or no lotion

A selection of body washes are infused with moisturizing oils that leave your skin soft, clean and moisturized after a shower. In this case, one doesn’t have to use lotion after the shower as the skin is already sorted. If however one is using regular body wash it is advisable to use scent free lotion to moisturize the skin after taking a shower. Apply lotion once or twice right after each shower.